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About Dlm

Contractors are everywhere!  Look around and you’ll see heavy equipment with a variety of  logos, dump trucks pulling trailers with equipment on them, plumbing companies that dabble in construction, and large conglomerate (and public stock-traded) construction companies that color-code every pickup truck to let you know how big they really are. So what sets DLM Contracting, Inc. apart? In the most basic sense, two words separate DLM from everyone else – Integrity and Proficiency. 
Integrity:  Steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code.
Proficiency:  Advancement in knowledge and skill.

Our experience in the variety of challenging projects speaks more volume than any words we could put in a website. Take a look at our testimonials from prior clients. These are our biggest rewards for the hard work we put into every project.  By evaluating the end product that the owner is looking for, and understanding the confines of the owners’ needs, DLM has been able to produce an impeccable construction firm for almost 15 years.
No matter what your expectations of a contractor, our goal is to exceed them. We know that to build and maintain an honest and reliable company, we must have the leadership to instill these ethics from the top down.  When DLM Contracting, Inc. began in 2002, we felt that a construction company could be successful if it made honesty and hard work the center of our value system. Even now in 2015, DLM still upholds these standards and they are what has kept DLM successful even through economic downturn.
DLM Contracting, Inc. is the only locally-owned, small business with true, large business capabilities and we will treat you like an extended family rather than just another job.
Subdivision Development
DLM strives to meet the specific needs of our land developing clients, as well as their engineers, from the onset of a budgetary design analysis to the project completion (Final Plat).

DLM’s mission is to safely complete each project with proficiency and in a timely manner, while promoting integrity within our industry.


Subdivision Development
DLM strives to meet the specific needs of our land developing clients, as well as their engineers, from the onset of a budgetary design analysis to the project completion (Final Plat).

Site Construction & Management
DLM has the proven expertise to effectively manage and schedule subcontractors, suppliers, as well as our own workforce.  We also have vital experience in successfully communicating and contracting with government agencies such as DNRC, FWP, Federal Highways, DOT, DEQ, Bureau of Reclamation, Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, etc.  DLM has a rich history of completing complex, multi-faceted projects with small tolerances in both scheduling and conforming to stringent specifications.

Underground Utilities
Having installed a myriad of underground utility types (Fusible HDPE, PVC, CMP, Steel Pipe, Clay Pipe Rehabilitation, RCP, DIP, Boring and Jacking, Dry Utilities) and sizes, DLM has the specialized knowledge to complete almost any underground utility project within a competitive budget.

Water Treatment Plants
In our thirteen years of service, DLM has constructed conventional multi-pond Wastewater Treatment Plants, as well as Sequential Batch Reator (SBR) WWTP’s. Additionally, DLM was selected to construct the Raw Water Transmission Main that stretched from Hyalite Canyon to the Sourdough Canyon Water Treatment Facility which supplies the City of Bozeman with its potable water supply.

Road Building
DLM has extensive experience with constructing roadways in the conventional manner in 5 western states.  And we are excited to announce the use of cutting-edge, GPS-guided equipment this year.  Doing so will help our company continue to lead the competition.

While anyone with an excavator and a dump truck can move dirt, DLM applies past experiences and careful thought to each earthmoving operation.  By taking the soil types, conditions, locations, and possible earthmoving equipment into consideration, DLM shows that there really is a right way to move your dirt, whether it is a large-scale earthen dam or a small berm for your yard.

Gravel Pit Operations
DLM has controlling interest in a local source of aggregate materials.  We are also continuing to secure other sources of gravel materials in other locations throughout the Gallatin Valley.  By doing so, we can remain competitive on any project type.  Additionally, our clients can buy gravel at reasonable prices – either picked up at our pit or delivered to your site.