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Belgrade Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project involved the reconstruction of existing sewer lagoon cells including: sludge removal and soil incorporation, deepening of existing cells, and reconstruction of dikes.This included installing 40,000 feet of distribution piping, fittings, valves, manholes, and vaults in the dikes.

There was 2400 feet of 21” outfall sewer pipe that was installed across the airport property to connect the City of Belgrade and the Treatment Plant. After the existing ponds were dug out for increased capacity a membrane liner was installed. During the reconstruction of the sewer lagoon cells, the Control Building for the pump and aeration system was being constructed. The project also included the construction of five I/P beds, installation of new wastewater pumps, installation of aeration equipment, and one water supply well and four groundwater monitoring wells.

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  • Prime Contractor: N.A. DEGERSTROM INC.
  • Year: 2003-2004
City of Belgrade
91 East Central
Belgrade MT 59714
Jim Pierce (Engineer)
Tel: 406-586-0277
  • Contract Estimate: $5,568,000.00
  • Final Contract Billed: $5,500,000.00
$68,000 Under Budget