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Mount Rainier National Park

This project was a multi-facetted one that included 7.6 miles of mainline roadway improvements, such as asphalt milling, geogrid placement, cold recycling, and asphalt paving.

In addition to these, subexcavation and import compacted fill were used to adequately support the crumbing roadway. Culverts, guardrails, turnouts, ditch reconditioning, sidewalks, and many other items were included as part of this project. Traffic was allowed access throughout the entire duration of the project.

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  • Prime Contractor: DLM Contracting, Inc.
  • Year: 2008
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers - Omaha District
1616 Capitol Avenue - Contracting
Omaha, NE 68102
Jim Rathke
Tel: 360-619-7582
Cell: 360-609-0203

Gary Michaelson
Tel: 360-921-6921
  • Contract Estimate: $6,072,026.00
  • Final Contract Billed: $5,688,047.00
$388,000 Under Budget